Steel buildings are taking over traditional concrete buildings

The construction field requires a lot of effort and choices. One has to take some very important decisions for their construction projects. The major challenge is to look for the most effective and efficient option that would result in the best results.
 With lots of materials available for the construction buildings, there are changes in the trends of the construction sector.
Earlier, concrete was the most chosen material for the construction. With the help of concrete construction, one can achieve unique aesthetics and can offer real space advantages. Traditionally, cement was the only material that was used for manufacturing the buildings. But now, since the steel is in the game, the choice for steel is increasing for the construction industry. There could be various reasons behind this. With the highest strength to weight ratio for any construction material, steel is gaining more popularity in the construction sector.
Here is why the steel is becoming the priority over the concrete:
Strength: Structural steel has far more strength than the concrete. So, with the structural steel construction of the stronger and long time, powerful buildings are possible. Steel is much stiff, tough and ductile in nature and thus it has become the leading material for the construction industry.
Fire resistance: Steel is the non-combustible material but its strength will be compromised at the higher temperatures. But the concrete is naturally fire-resistant material.
Sustainability: The structural steel is completely recyclable and more than 90% of the structural steel used today is made up of recycled steel. Steel has a much longer life span and can be adapted multiple times with little or no compromise with its structural integrity.
Versatility: Steel is one of the most flexible material and can be fabricated into numerous designs and shapes. Though the concrete can be also molded into any shape, there are some limitations while using it for the floor to floor.
Speed: Structural Steel can be prefabricated at workshop brought to site and can be bolted at site. Although precast options available with concrete the steel fabrication time and fixing time is lower in comparison to precast.
Despite all of the reasons, steel buildings are stronger and more durable. This is why the construction trends have changed and the structural steel has overridden the concrete.